How to create a YouTube video that attracts audience

How to create a YouTube video that attracts audience

Creating a valuable YouTube video is the art of implementingfundamentals like leveraging the latest trends, tapping into target audience needs, getting inspiration from insights, making emotional connections, and adding practical value into your creative strategy, when devisinginnovative ideas to produce a video will definitely inspire views, likes, and shares.

90% of digital consumers in the US use YouTube – making it the most popular choice for watching online videos (Oberlo)

Why do views, likes, and shares matter on YouTube videos?

Why do views likes and shares matter on YouTube videos

You can be the next thought leader & at thetop of what’s widespread, what’s trending, and what people online are already searching by increasing your videos;

  • Shares-

    Shares are perhaps the most significant metric for engagement because they represent that your video was engaging enough for viewers that they want to motivate others to watch it.

  • Likes-

    Likes representsviewers enjoyed & loved your video. Number of likes also reveal whether a video track is echoing with your target audience.

  • Views-

    Driving viewers is the foundation of success on YouTube. It requiresconstant efforts, but you can use several characteristicsto builda new audience: Targeting, search presence, Accessibility, Collaboration, and Shareability.

A video becomes viral when it is a unique representation of a knowledge giving a tutorial, demonstration, skill/technique presentation, new and entertaining enough with the target audience that one viewer eagerly shares it with friend circle/peers and helps it to appear higher in search and watch ­recommendations

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You must be wondering…

What type of YouTube videos should I make?

What type of YouTube videos should I make

You must target the following strategies when developing content:

Strategy 1-Create a sensation, to go viral! 

Strategy 1 Create a sensation, to go viral!

Drive a special formula to include uniqueness and innovation and put it together to formulate a viral video that wows your audience.

Spark emotional reaction

For a video to be shared multiple times & go viral, it must gather adhesion steadily, reach the viewer’s brain, and hit their nerves to take an action. Hence, give viewers an emotional reaction-laughter, joy, sadness, anger, curiosity, excitement, eagerness, inspiration & motivation, etc.Inspirational and optimistic videos frequently get the most views and shares.Record viral videos arouse happiness, astonishment, admiration, or satisfaction.

Hook audience with the latest YouTube Trends

A success visionary’s question is how do I attract audience?

The answer lies in targeting topics that have huge search traffic potential. You can make videos on the latest trends to drive audiences from the pre-existing viral phenomenon. New trends are imperative to jump on, especially when other YT creators are having success with videos on a particular set of trends. Trending videos constantly receive amply of views because individual’s pursuit out content associated with the trend. This mechanism works even if you have no subscribers.You can find these topics using Google trends or Keyword tools. You can check out the popular channels in your niche to see if there’s a trend they’re skipping on.

After recognizing the latest trends, employ (strategically) them

After recognizing the latest trends, employ (strategically) them

As trending events on YT are a great content for your viewers. So, leverage them to provide fun videos for your audience, and to even increase brand awareness. This mechanism will boost engagement on your videos (through brand engagement). At the end of the day, you want the audience to like and share your videos, so this is your smarter investment for the target goals.

Strategy 2- Produce shareable content

Strategy 2 Produce shareable content

Your target goal is to learn how to create video content that attracts audience. Therefore, make a video that will make people feel cool to share with their friends. A sharable video means a video that matches user conscience, interest, and changes consumer behaviour positively. Videos that isolate or discomfit aren’t going to get you the shares & views you want.

Produce shorter videos

To spread like wildfire as viral videos you require publish entertaining, intriguing, and sparkling short videos. When answering,what type of YouTube videos attracts most audience- they are undoubtedly viral videos. You don’t need to search for them. They automatically appear in your feed and fight to break through the interruptions and earn your devotion. After a given time users tend to drop off a video, if it is longer.Hence, short videos are best when it comes to producing shareable content.

You can intensify your chances of audience watching, engaging, and sharing your videos.

Unruly Media Founder Sarah Wood recommends content-specific guidelines, like:

  • Keep the vid between 30 and 45 seconds to encourage sharing activity, but longer than 60 seconds if you’re looking to maximize your viewers’ time spent with the brand advertised.

  • If you’re looking to optimize your viral video’s click through rates, keep the content to a maximum of 30 seconds

  • Funny clips are great, but 45 seconds can seem too long for a viewer to wait for the punch line. Therefore;

Get to your point quickly

More than 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute, as of 2021 on YouTube (Statista). Your video faces fierce competition. Also, humans have a short attention span than that of a goldfish. Thus, come to your point quickly otherwise you’re going to lose viewers and eventual share!

Strategy 3- Be an optimization prestidigitator

Strategy 3 Be an optimization prestidigitator

Create a click worthy, custom thumbnail

The thumbnail is an indistinct and accurate reduced-sized version of a still image representing the video it’s unfolding. When your subscribers share your video on other social media platforms, the first look their followers will encounter is your thumbnail. Your thumbnail is the first graphic communication of your video with a forthcoming watcherAdding compelling thumbnails can do wonders with your views & click through rates. According to YouTube, 90% of most-viewed videos on YouTube use a custom thumbnail. Therefore, if you want more engagement, take the time to create custom thumbnails for your videos rather than using an auto-generated embargoscreenshot from the video. You can use an amusing facial expression or screenshot from your video with readable text as a thumbnail image. Create a thumbnail that captures the fragrance of the video and inspire a click.

Most of the new YouTubers also buy YouTube subscribers from genuine resources.

Harness the power of relevant keywords to inspire views

Ranking higher in search results by the algorithm is the best way to get more viewership from the target audience. You must optimize your videos by using relevant keywords in your title, description text, subtitles, and video tags. Keywords are phrases/words used by searchers in different search engines. You can leverage YouTube SEO tools like Google keyword planner, Google trends, Google search suggest feature, and YTsearch suggests a feature, TubeBuddy or VidIQ to find high search volume keywords with a low competition or lesser search results. This mechanism helps you tofind motivation for your next video creation according to consumer demand and interest. You can also, copy the keywords and meta data of a powerful video in your niche, with lots of views to appear next to it in recommended & related videos to inspire views & clicks.

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Strategy 4- Upsurge the shareability of your content

Strategy 4 Upsurge the shareability of your content

Getting your videos shared, can be powerful because your target audience is discovering you from the people, they trust the most—their friends and family. In order to increase shareability of your content;

Produce content as per user interest

Producing content according to user interest and demand can increase the probabilities that searchers will treasure and watch it. If you want to get more views, likes, & shares organically on this platform, you need to develop helpful, intriguing, entertaining, informative, educating, andunique content for YouTube.

Use the right format

You can increase the probability of creating a shareable video by optimizing it for social distribution. First of all, make it unquestionable that your video has the right format by taking into consideration how viewers are watching your videos (study under YT analytics). According to YouTube press, more than 70 percent of viewership happens on its mobile apps. Therefore, create mobile-optimized videos that grab the viewer’s attention within the first few seconds!

Be newsworthy

When there is breaking news, you can join the conversation by constructing a video about it with your perspective.

Berelevant & applicable 

Build relationships & harmony with viewers on a topic they can relate to, whether it’s something funny or thoughtful.

Strategy 5- Provide value

Strategy 5 Provide value

If you are still wondering, what type of YouTube videos attracts most audience,my friend the answer to this question is simple.

Those videos, which provide practical value to viewers. You need to provide practical value to your target audience. For example,you make a demonstrational/educational video that would be truly helpful.

Your channel’s value proposition and attributes can help your content get shares, views & likes. If you want to gain viral success try to focus on giving your fans something valuable. This boldness is the key! Effective videos are fundamentally useful to your audience. Therefore, whether you’re entertaining, educating, or advising, make sure your videos are helpful to your viewers.

Strategy 6- Promote your brand without being preachy

Strategy 6 Promote your brand without being preachy

Viewers are not likely to share boring commercial ad content, as they might feel like they’re being brainwashed about their preferences. Make sure your brand values are well represented in the content and give people the information they care about without being too artificial.

Humanize your brand

You can represent behind-the-scenes videos, employee gathering videos, or tell the backstory of how your company started, highlightunknown facts about it, or interview people with stories that help you to humanize your brand.

Show your passion & enthusiast

Viewers can easily detect when they’re watching a person who’s truly passionate about something as opposed to someone who’s just speaking about a similar subject, so make sure your passion reaches their brain to do an action!

Incorporate client testimonial

Indulging into customer testimonials is a great technique to trigger engagement from the audience and help prospects loves your product to share. Real life stories can really generate massive views, likes, and shares!

Strategy 7- Get one step ahead with a powerful title

Strategy 7 Get one step ahead with a powerful title

You need to use relevant, intriguing, short,and user-curiosity provoking titles to upsurge clicks. The title requires settingopportunities for the video. Some viewers rely on inquisitiveness while others can view how the video is actually. The key is to find out what works for your target audience and what should you write as a heading to drive them!

Strategy 8- Make collaborations inter &intra YouTube

Strategy 8 Make collaborations inter & intra YouTube

Uploading your video/video teaser to a Facebook group/ Instagram profile/What’s App group or a website that posts similar content and enables a lot of shares/views could be a great strategy to get your video seen, liked, shared, and drive traffic back to this platform. YT personalities are influencer themselves. Collaborate with them, to explore their audience, and promote your brand.

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Strategy 9- Study key metrics in YouTube analytics

Strategy 9 Study key metrics in YouTube analytics

When thinkingabout video content ideas, pay devotion to the metrics and how they relate to your goals.  After finding out what works & what not, and howviewers engage to it, keep up that impetus. Figure out why your target audience liked that video and re-allocate those attributes to forthcoming ones!

Strategy 10- Leverage call to actions

Strategy 10 Leverage call to actions

Persuade viewersto rate, review, share, like, and subscribe. Distinguish their occasion to collaborate with you by saying something like “help spread the word” or “share if you agree” and pin the best comments too!

Strategy 11- Encourage engagement

Strategy 11 Encourage engagement

Engagement is a performance parameter of YouTube analytics to rank videos in the search results. You must interact with your viewers by replying each and every comment on your channel. Ask your viewers to like, comment, share and subscribe to your channel. You hold contests, polls and Q/A sessions to build more friendly conversations. The more engagement your videos get, the more likely they will rank higher. And the higher are the rankings, the more target audience you can win. YT represents a blossoming community where users are engaging via interactive marketing strategies in terms of “likes” and “comments”. Fetching existing subscribers by producing regularly can help you maintain a stouter & loyal relationship with them.

Strategy 12- Interact with your viewers

Strategy 12 Interact with your viewers

Reply as many comments as you want. Heart the positive ones, and join discussions. Entering the outlines of communication with your target audience will encourage more engagement in terms of likes, & shares which eventually boost the credibility of your channel.

Strategy 13- Produce unique content for YouTube

Strategy 13 Produce unique content for YouTube

Try to produce unique & “evergreen,” content which incomes that they will be consistently searched for over time. How-to videos are one good example. So, make videos that target people who are making those searches and then enjoy views, likes and shares for a longer time!

Some YouTube video content ideas:

  • Introductory videos

  • Meet the employees

  • Explainer video

  • Tutorial guide

  • How-to video

  • Tour video

  • Culture video

  • Behind the scenes videos

  • DIY videos

  • Cooking/recipe tutorial

  • Product tutorial/demonstration/unboxing videos

  • Workout video

  • Infographic video

  • Webinar

  • Q/A session

  • Contest/giveaway video

Trying to gain remembrance on YouTube, whether you've had your channel for a long or are just getting started, may be discouraging. You must, however, persevere! If you truly want to learn how to grow a YouTube following, you'll need to be persistent.

You can start creating more interesting video content, enhancing your brand, and growing your YouTube audience by using the suggestions and other effective YouTube marketing methods but nothing is guaranteed in a creative field which reflects that even after consistent efforts and ensuring all the requisites to be successful, you may not get what you deserve. Growing a YouTube following isn't something that happens by chance. And, yes, if your sector is packed with competitors, it might feel like a slog.

That is why it is advantageous to have a range of advertising strategies in your arsenal. Buy real YouTube comments or buy YouTube likes to come in good books of the algorithm and gain a huge following.

I hope, you understood the concept well how to create a YouTube video that attracts audience.

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