How to Find your YouTube Channel Niche in 2021

how to find YouTube channel niche

World’s second most popular search engine i.e. YouTube,this platform has a video content for every searcher. So, if you are a YouTuber, you must find a niche so you can build an online community of supporters. Targeting a specific niche requires you to analyse your interest with respect to consumer need & demand, identifying your goals, passion & target audience, and following a genreon which you can harvest content consistently.

Categorizing your channel with a targeted niche letsthe YouTube algorithm rank your videos higher in its search pages, and recommended suggestions according to relevancy. It further helps your potential target audience to turn into loyal subscribers after they explore practical expertise, useful content & authoritative-authentic-relevant content.

To make your YT expedition to be efficacious, it’s crucial to evidently decide from the beginning what is the objective of your channel.

So, let’s get deep dive into the topic of how to find your niche on YouTube?

Finding a niche that helps you develop a successful YouTube empiredesiressome creativity, self-awareness, focusedgoal, interminable enthusiast and a superlative arrangement of ideas & innovations, and sothat you are invested time and energy into the process becomes productive.

What is a niche on YouTube?

what is niche on YouTube

Niche is basically a genre/ Industry/topic/category/subject/field, which helps you make your channel videos targeted, relevant, unique, and epitomize your content to be authentic, reliable, and channel worth following.The popularity of the platform, endowment it a wide audience reach. But to develop a hierarchy of an ever-growing channel, you need to employ niched video production mechanism only.

When you are thinking about what should be the niche of my YouTube channel, you are looking for a subsection of a genre, subject, or topic to make videos about.

  • A niche can be broad like a channel about traveling, lifestyle, cooking, gaming, beauty, etc.  Remember, the niche you’ll be directing is the foundationof your YouTube corporate.

  • Or more focusedintensive, such as a channel only about traveling for food, the lifestyle of a celebrity, cooking continental food, mine-craft (gaming), or how to do bridal make-up (beauty).

  • It can also behyper-intentional such as a channel only about traveling for street food & cooking gluten-free food etc. Niche popularity has allowed influencers to bring in millions of subscribers to their channels.

To turn your YouTube diversion into a money-spinning career, supportingit not only lets you, present attributes you're passionate about but which also gets you the views & watch time you need. Watch-time for “keto diet” has increased 320% and “new recipe videos” by 140%, make-up transformation by 80% in the last year in Canada (Think with Google)

The best niche will be something that a wider audience is already searching for, not preposterously competitive, and which still consents you to establish your craving and acquaintance.

This platform is not only available but also localized in over 100 countries(YouTube, 2021). Hence, you can make content according to your target audience demographic. Also, it can be accessed in 80 different languages. This implies that the network adapts to the different languages of the different markets it is in. As YouTube’s resilience & elasticity help you to choose and reach the right target audience with the right mode (language), you need to get zero-in” on your niche. Let’s assume your channel “X” falls under the category of ‘Technology’. Keeping in mind that each category is in it really broad, what you really want to do is find the sub-sub-sub-sub category that your channel is going to fall in!

This mechanism helps you find the sub category that will help you play to your best cards! As your channel “X” is about technology, let’s say you’re good at giving product demonstrations, going further to decide if you are good at demonstrating mobile phones, software, laptops, or any other electronic appliance. You must consider some key factors before niching down and producing more focused subjects.

Many YouTubers prefer to buy YouTube subscribers legit way to grow their channel.

 Some of the most targeted attributes defining a niche are:

  • Price (e.g., luxury, reasonable, discount)

  • Demographics (location, gender, age, income level, education level)

  • Level of quality (premium, handcrafted, cost-effective)

  • Psychographics (values, interests, consumer behaviour)

Choosing to focus on a specialized niche is a strategic professional decision to serve a certain community better than competitors who target the grander market.

Keep scrolling to know, what should be the niche of my YouTube channel.

The benefits of niching down helps your content reach right target audience

YouTube channel niche benefits

2.3 billion users worldwide visit YouTube monthly (Statista 2021), When you give your videos a purpose, a target, an objective, or an intent, it helps you drive more target audience from the crowd who eventually becomes loyal supporters, subscribers, or buyers.

Increased search presence

Over 500 hours of videos are uploaded on this platform every single minute and everyday userwatch 1 billion hours of videos and generate billions of views (YouTube Press Blog, 2019). Differentiating with niche helps your channel stand out from the crowded space with increased discoverability in search pages.

Helps you to produce content consistently

If you have a clear intentional niched down the channel, it will be more coherent for your target audience who discovered your useful content and want more related videos.

Helps you build online community

If you keep producing random videos, it will be confusing for your potential fans to follow you. As one viewer who is interested in one topic may not be interested in another one. But when you produce focused content, you open your ways to build consumer relationships, which eventually help you build an online community, fan following, and a decent subscriber base!

Increase credibility & reliability

A specialized niche helps you to become an expert and authority in the industry. Your content source starts looking reliable and credible. Hence, you start gaining trust with respect to consumer behaviour and start growing your channel in an incredible way.

Overall growth of your channel

If you want to utilize your YouTube enthusiasm into a rewarding career, you're going to need a niche. And this enthusiasm can lead to more views, watch time, subscriber, engagement, and increase your chances to collaborate or work with brands, advertisers, and influencers! Your audienceloves itbecause they’ve found a show tailor-made precisely for them.

How to find your niche on YouTube

how to find niche on YouTube

If you are beginner want to start, then first read:-

How to start a YouTube channel successfully in 2021

You can use these fundamental strategies to find the perfect niche for your channel.

Strategy#1 Discover your passion & enthusiasm

youtube niche ideas

The efforts to create a YT channel can go in vain, if you are not passionate about the topics you are presenting in your niche, because you may not have the enthusiasm needed to sparkle & produce out content day after day, week after week. Therefore, begin by concluding your passion. Activities which can keep you engaged for hours happilyor interests you have, where you put in efforts to shine and hours to progress is known as your passion. Research on your favourite topic satisfying your own inquisitiveness. These actions will definitely help you understand what you are most interested in. Now you have an avenue to dive into discovering your niche.

Strategy#2 Target uniqueness & usefulness

Target audience for YouTube

The key to successfully associating witha perfect YouTube niche 2020, lies in discovering,from what you can bring something unique or interesting to this platform, by employing your passions, hobbies, and information into producing dazzling content. The point of intersection,where your passion and aptitudes meet with your video category is where you'll find your decisive niche prowling.

Strategy#3 Identify your target goal

Strategy for finding YouTube niche

Do you want to educate/entertain? Do you want to make money? Do you want to show your expertise? Do you want to market a product?Your objective KPIs on platform can be to get views, spread knowledge, develop goodwill, build a community, increase subscribers, or sales etc.

Strategy#4 Targeting a passionate niche audience

how to target niche audience

Strategically offering topic-specific content can often be more effective than going after the cohesions. The rise of the cognizant, passionate, aware & conscious consumers has surfaced the system for vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free variations of conventional products. If there is a product that is frequently purchased by the mass market, there is likely a niche of target consumers that will love a greater alternative.

Strategy#5 Research communities, on and off YouTube

how to create useful YouTube content

After identifying your target goals, interests, consider researching relevant communities. Explore blogs on your topic, social media discussions/debates, and rival YT channels. Check out if your interest has found an audience already and what types of content is engaging your target community.

Strategy#6 Represent what is Your Expertise?

skills for creating YouTube videos

Your power is gained throughexperiences and skills. Write down the inventory of every topic that you feel you know better than the normalindividual.Your proficiency & supervision is whatcan make your channel videos win-win on this platform.

Strategy#7 What is your target market’ need & demand

YouTube niche

When wondering, how to find your niche on YouTube, you must target to produce user-generated, useful, trending, entertaining, and intriguing content which insects your consumer needs & interests.

Your videos need to do at least 1 of 3 things, but if you endeavour to have all necessary elements, you’ll have the formula for a successful video:

  • Educate-

    Solve a problem or answer a question (example: How-to’s, product reviews, etc.)

  • Entertain

    - Bring out fun, trends & enjoyable content (example: Daily vlogs, gaming commentary, etc.)

  • Encourage

    - Inspire living, encourage others to do their best and accomplish their target goals! (example: 30-day challenges, motivational consultations, etc.)

Strategy#8 Leverage YouTube niche finders

YouTube niche finder

You can try some influencer marketing platform such as InflueNex to help you find your niche.

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Strategy#9 Examine other YouTubers in the same field

  • What type of information do they provide?
  • Why do people pay attention to them?
  • How do they keep their audience interested in what they're saying?
  • Read the comments to see if the viewers have any suggestions for improvement or want more information, then think about what you can offer to the discussion.
  • What can I do to portray the issues in a different light?
  • How can I add additional value to the viewers' experience?

You must see the market's faults and fix them yourself. People will engage with you if you bring something important and qualitative to the market. However first you need dedicated viewers or high engagement which can be a haunting experience as there is a neck-to-neck competition on this platform, to buy real YouTube subscribers is the only right decision to make at this point. Come up with fresh perspectives on the subject. To stand out from the crowd, you must be distinctive and genuine.

To create an image of appealing content in front of YouTube or viewers, you can buy YouTube comments as well.

Unexplored YouTube niches

Now let me reveal, some of the most profitable niches that are still unexplored by thousands of YouTubers across the world!

Low competition niches for YouTube 2021, includes:

  • Beauty and Fashion

  • Learn a new language

  • Tech gadgets and mobile phone reviews.

  • Toys and Dolls

  • Cooking recipes

  • Cocktails

  • Living in a foreign country.

Youtube niche list-The most prevalent niches on YouTube:

best YouTube Niches
  • Tech Videos.

  • Gaming.

  • Product Reviews.

  • Tutorials.

  • Storytime Videos.

  • Vlogs.

  • Food.

  • Fashion.

Highest paying niches on YouTube-Most Profitable YouTube niches ideas 2021 include:

highest paying niches on YouTube
  • Beauty/Fashion

  • Gaming

  • Food/Cooking

  • Fitness/Health creators

  • Unboxing/Reviews

  • Travel

  • Pets

  • Humour

  • Entertainment

This platform is indisputably the marketplace for video distribution and publication of un-ending produced content from distance. The social networking platform continues to raise at an astonishing pace.

To upbring a fan following, stand out in the highly competitive world of YouTube, rank with algorithms, and to go viral, you must have a solid proposal of niched, unique, trending, intriguing & quality content with effective promoting marketing strategies.

I hope you found this luxurious piece of content helping to know how to find your niche on YouTube.

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