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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Find here the answers to the most commonly asked questions by our customers. If you are unable to find your query listed here, please contact us through email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 You can boost the growth of your channel by buying our services. We get you, subscribers that are real people, who like your content, this provides growth and develops a community of like-minded people. Since the subscribers are real people, who provide real engagement in the form of likes, shares, and comments, this will help your channel gain more authority within your niche and build a strong reputation for your channel among the online community.

 The services we provide are legit. Our services do not violate any YouTube Terms of use, and hence there is no possibility of legal repercussions for violation. According to YouTube’s Fake Engagement Policy, the users who engage should be actual people who are alive and authentic. Users should not be represented by robots, bots and other computerized programs, these practices will definitely bring harm upon your channel and we do not involve ourselves with such services. What we do is attract targeted audience to your channel via organic methods of promotion, which goes perfectly well with YouTube terms of services without violating them.

There is absolutely no way that the subscribers that you acquire will diminish further down the line after completion of the order, because you are getting real users not bots. The retention rate plays a very crucial role. Our purpose is to scale the retention rate of the video. We promote content to right audience, at the right place and time, who have shown interest in the type of content that is available on your channel, this gives genuine engagement to your channel as interested people are more likely to give your content more watch time, more shares, comments, likes, etc.

Since we make use of methods that are purely organic, such as promotion through blogs, influencer marketing, search engine optimization etc., it would take slightly more time to deliver our YouTube services. The duration of the order completion, can very well range from 10 to 50 days, this depends on the size of the order, as well as other factors related to your YouTube channel, and Changes in YouTube algorithm etc., can impact the final delivery time.

You do not need to worry, our services are absolutely safe, it is imperative that you consider some key points when you are buying services from a website / vendor, you should make sure that the vendor delivers genuine services and make no use of bots, robots and other third party software as they could seriously harm your channel, quick delivery should not be a factor when deciding on any service provider, websites promising quick deliveries should raise some red flags. checks all the points that make it the best and the safest service provider. We use organic methods that align with the terms and conditions of YouTube for our services.

We would like to confirm that we at have never made use of any bots, and software programs that work in the backend to provide our services. We only target and attracted real, genuine people who are interested in our clients content by employing various methods. You can rest easy knowing that, what we do at is completely safe and secure, as be use organic methods to attract and influence people.

There is absolutely no way that YouTube and Google can penalize your channel, because we do not make use of bots or any third-party software as part of our services. The methods we employ are completely organic and safe, and in no way violate the terms of service laid out by YouTube.

Yes, we do take a longer time to deliver our services as compared to others within our industry, and there is a perfectly valid reason for us to do so, the services that we provide to our customers are 100% genuine and delivered through real people who we get through organic methods such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, blogging, Influencer marketing, social media promotions etc., while others who claim to deliver services quickly are often known to employ bots, and other software programs, which can have a negative impact in the future.