How to Choose a New YouTube Channel Name in 2021

How to Choose a New YouTube Channel Name in 2021

Choosing a new YouTube channel name is one of the most crucial steps you will make as a vlogger/YouTuber. If your YouTube channel name sticks in the thoughts of the target audience who watch your videos it will help to ensure they will return and watch more of your content. Whether you’re struggling to promote your brand/business, launch yourself as an influencer, or even just want to share your passion, skills, knowledge, enthusiasm, or expertise on a specified subject, YT is an incredible platform.

This userbase is not only diverse, but it’s also highly engaged, the average mobile viewing session lasts more than 40 minutes on the platform, therefore, this platform is worthy enough for the effort. An explicitly catchy YouTube channel name can drive in a new target audience who search for topics similar to your channel name. It also helps you boost your rankings in the search pages by the YT algorithm. This is where many YouTubers buy YouTube subscribers from legit service providers.

They carefully plan their names, choose a username or channel name or other identifying standards as their public face for the entire YT ecosphere. A reckless pronouncement here could turn out to be one that you regret later.

That’s being said, we are here to help you trick out the success factor, with the best tips.

But do you know…

What Is a YouTube Channel Name?

What Is a YouTube Channel Name

Your Channel Name is the representative and authorized name for your channel on YouTube. It is a term used for identification by an external observer/target audience, your friends, competitors, and YouTube. They can identify a class or category of videos, or your value proposition, either uniquely, or within a given context. There are numerous types of channel names, including a person’s first and last name (Example- Brian Dean) and names that designate a channel’s complete topic (Example- 5-Minute Crafts).

Why Is Your Channel Name Important?

Why Is Your Channel Name Important

A YouTube Channel Name is tagged to all of your videos, your channel homepage, and in YouTube’s search results sorted by the algorithm. It helps viewers understand what your channel is about. Hence, it is very important that your name correctly represents your brand/personality and supports you in launching a successful YouTube channel.

How to Choose a YouTube Channel Name?

How to Choose a YouTube Channel Name
  • Your name should be short but inspiring

To make an eye-catchy & memorable name, keep it short and impressive. Lengthier channel names are both tough to recall, and even tougher to communicate with your friends about, and they may lose the desired interest. Also, you should never include numbers or additional letters at the end of it. Some YouTubers choose to do this because their anticipated channel name was taken by some other creator. But trust us, it is an idea to retard your growth pattern, and not to grow it. A username like 'Jack234' is really 'Jacktwothirtyfour'. This is actually hard for the target audience to remember the exact numbers.

  • Use your Brand

Small to big business owners use YT videos as a part of their marketing strategy since they are an outstanding way to interact with the target audience through interesting, attention-grabbing content. If you want to represent branded content via your channel, the best possibility for you is to choose a YT channel name of your brand, particularly if it is previously famous in the market. Therefore, use proficiency in your industry to attract viewers and to increase the number of subscribers on your channel.

  • Make a List of your Content Features

    Make a List of your Content Features

If you don’t have a brand, we suggest that you make a list with all the features of your dream channel. Ponder on everything that is similar to your topic, and focus on what makes you unique from other YouTubers. Collect all the ideas that come to your mind, and choose the one that, in addition to representing your personality or value proposition, undoubtedly booms your target message.

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  • Go for Easy & Memorable Words

Never use words that are difficult to spell or unfamiliar to most people. In fact, create a new YouTube channel name that is memorable and that will make the audience understand swiftly what it has inside. Always, try to keep it to one word or short phrases.

  • Check Out Competitors’ Channels’ Names

When choosing a new YT channel name, spy on your competitors and other professionals who work in a similar genre. Make sure you’re using a name that doesn’t previously exist or a name that is very alike to other channels’, which could be puzzling or make viewers think you’ve unoriginal or copied content.

  • Ask for Ideas for your New YouTube Channel Name

Talk to people to make a confident decision. You can talk to your family & friends about your interest, subject, thought process and see what they think about it, and take their suggestions for innovations and tips.

  • Align with Target Goals for your Channel

Do you want the name to sound funny, overexcited, professional, thoughtful, adventurous, ingenious, straight-forward, or something unusual? Whatever you want, make sure it goes parallel with your target goals and compliments the videos you’ll be uploading, as it propels your channel growth

  • Help your Target Audience find you

When thinking of a new YouTube channel name, always give preference to potential keywords – think of what your target audience would type to search content similar to yours.

  • Decide your Channel Category

    Decide your Channel Category

You must decide the niche/genre your channel.

Typically, most popular YouTube channel names fall under these 4 types:

  1. Channel owner’s name

  2. Business/Brand

  • Descriptive

  1. Categorical

Going with your own YT channel name is the coolest approach if you’re forecasting to be the face of your channel.

Example- Casey Neistat’s YT channel. Casey has over 10.5 million subscribers with his own name.

  • Make your YouTube Channel Name Unique

    Make your YouTube Channel Name Unique

If any other creator has a channel name similar to yours on YouTube, differentiate it by including a single letter or a word.

For example- PewDiePie’s real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Currently, his channel has an admirer base of over 75 million subscribers.

You can combine your name or initials with another word that describes your channel and make it your channel name.

For example- Marques Brownlee’ Channel. His channel name is a concatenation of MKB (name’s initials) and HD, as he uploads videos only in HD quality.

  • Use your Social Media Account Name as your New YouTube Channel Name

    Use your Social Media Account Name as your New YouTube Channel Name

It is easy to have your channel name match your other social profile’s names. This way your target audience can find you more easily.

  • Avoid Vulgarity, Crudity, and Rude Jokes

An unsophisticated name might discourage your viewers from sharing your video.

  • Make the Name Beguiling

The audience loves gags, rhyming, and consonance, put one of the factors to upgrade your channel name and reach more target audience.

  • Inform

Your YT channel name must represent what your channel is about. Try and include somewhat that will notify the target audience of the subject of your channel. This will help you gain subscribers.

  • Arouse Emotion

The right words will activate emotions that have a superior chance of drawing courtesy.

  • Think about Word Show

Can you make a stimulating pun? Get a thesaurus out and discover words with comparable meanings and see what kind of fictional strategies you might be able to use.

  • Leave Area for Development

Lastly, try not to be too precise with your YT name. A very detailed name will limit the kind of video content you can create for your channel.

YouTube Name Generators

YouTube Name Generators

Tools you can use to produce popular YouTube channel names:

  1. SpinXO

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SpinXO lets you create hundreds of personalized name ideas. Just type in your Topic & Niche and any related keywords, then click on spin. SpinXO instantly provides you with 30 unique channel names.

  1. Kparser

Kparser Image source-

Kparser is another YouTube channel name generator. Just input the primary keywords related to the topic you’re targeting and hit start to generate SEO-specific keywords.

  1. YouTube Name Generator

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If you need a YT channel name with a specific keyword, this YT Name Generator tool can definitely help you.

How to Change your YouTube Channel Name

YT permits you to change the name that is displayed for your channel. After this process, your display name will get changed, but the URL of your channel is permanent. If you think your YT channel name is not good enough in attracting a target audience, then you should absolutely update it, but this will harm your channel as you can lose many consistent viewers.

You can follow these simple steps-

Step 1: Sign in to and head to Settings in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Now choose “Edit on Google” link.

Step 3: Now enter the new Channel name and hit Ok.

Bravo! You just change your YT channel name.

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Name Suggestions for YouTube Channel

Name Suggestions for YouTube Channel

If you are still unsure of choosing a name for your channel, we have concluded a small list that can help you get started!

  1. CrunchWorks: A DIY Channel, the use of the term crunch refers to the maxim crunch time. It also suggests a slightly critical element to the DIY that would be tempting to an exact target audience.

  2. KrillinWinnin: An exciting name for a gaming channel. Krillin is one of the characters from Dragon Ball Z.

  • Thevoice: It would make a good gaming channel name or make a good comedy channel name.

  1. Beautydiva: A beauty channel with demonstrational videos on how to do things like dressing & make-up.

  2. Glamup: This name describes exactly what it is. Easy beauty tips and tricks. The short easy name will help people find the channel and help it gain subscribers.

I hope you found this a useful guide to know how to choose a new YouTube channel name.

Your channel name says a lot about you and the niche under which you create content. Deciding on a channel name is as significant as deciding a name for a new-born. Those who buy legit YouTube subscribers see results and grow their community because their channel is well optimized which includes a unique and agreeable channel name. Subscribers want to trust only if you give them all the right reasons to do so.

Your channel name is going to tag along everywhere so, do not think that people won’t consider noticing it because they will. If they like your content, they will definitely check for your channel name just so they can easily keep coming back to your channel. Many YouTubers who buy YouTube likes witness people who liked their video also subscribing to their channel because it’s not just their content, but their channel name too which made them click on the bell icon.

YouTube videos reach more to 18-34 years of age group. So, make sure your channel name lies in their interest except if it is based on your name. Also, do not forget to gather ideas by peeping into your competitors YouTube channel names.

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